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Disruptive process innovation

Tuesday 21 October 2014, by Jean-François GINGLINGER, Juliana Haggerty , Lionel MUNIGLIA, Romain DELECOURT

Chairman: Juliana HAGGERTY, Business Development Manager, Centre for Process Innovation

-  Enzyme-assisted aqueous extraction process of plants for the industrial production of biosourced ingredients – Lionel Muniglia, Scientific Director, BIOLIE
-  Extraction of polyphenols through biomass extrusion production – Cédric DEVER, Directeur Opérationnel & Directeur Recherche Bioplastiques, VALAGRO CARBONE RENOUVELABLE
-  The Plant Milking® technology offers an original and industrial-scale source of active compounds of plant origin for cosmetics, medicinal and agrochemical applications – Jean-François GINGLINGER, Scientific Coordinator Bioprolor 2, PLANT ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES
-  Sugary juice extraction using Pulse Electric Fields technology – Romain DELECOURT - Ingénieur Procédés et Développement, Process & Development Engineer, MAGUIN