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Global engineering

Tuesday 21 October 2014, by Christine CHIRAT, Jean-François YOT, Vincent Gavroy, Wolfgang RANFFT DR.-ING

Chairman: Jean-François YOT, Directeur Général, EKIUM GROUP

-  Lignocellulosic biorefinery for the production of cellulose and green surface active agents – Christine CHIRAT, Associate Professor, Head of the Biorefinery: chemistry and ecoprocesses research group, GRENOBLE INP – PAGORA
-  From lab scale to demo plant and industrial scale, an integrated approach for white biotechnology process development – Anthony BRESIN, Chief scientific Officer, ARD (AGRO-INDUSTRIE RECHERCHES ET DEVELOPPEMENTS)
-  Cellulosic sugars as substrate for the fermentation industry, still a technological & technical challenge ! – Wolfgang RANFFT DR.-ING, Business Development Manager bio-based chemicals and bio-commodities, DE SMET ENGINEERS & CONTRACTORS
-  Separation and purification, the missing link between biomass deconstruction and commercial product – Vincent Gavroy, Sales Manager, NOVASEP