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Public private partnership to speed-up industrialization

Tuesday 21 October 2014, by Caroline HILLAIRET, Eric LARREY, Ivan FAUCHEUX, Pierre MONSAN

Chairman: Ivan FAUCHEUX, Directeur de programme Energie, économie circulaire, Commissariat Général à l’Investissement (Services du Premier ministre)

-  IFMAS overview and example – innovative materials from biomass, Jean-Marc CORPART, Chairman IFMAS, Directeur R&D Chimie, Roquette & Nicolas SZYDLOWSKI, Research Engineer, UNIVERSITY OF LILLE
-  The oilseed biorefinery of the future: from biomass to chemicals – Caroline HILLAIRET, Project leader, SAS PIVERT
-  Open Innovation for factory of the future – Eric LAREY, General Manager, IDEEL
- TWB: Achievements of an original public private partnership management – Pierre MONSAN, Executive Director, TWB

All speakers and subtopics soon available