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Frédéric LOUP

Frédéric LOUP is an engineer (Public Works speciality) who graduated from the National Institute National of Applied Sciences (INSA - Lyon / France (INSA - Lyon / France). He also studied chemistry (paints, inks and varnishes formulation) in the Chemical and Textile Institute (ITECH - Lyon/France).
He started his professional career at PPG Corona Company (paints formulation department - Valenciennes / France) and then at the CERIPEC (Centre d’Etudes et de Recherche de l’Industrie des Peintures Encres et Connexes – Lyon / France).
He is now the manager of the ""Binders, Polymers and methods"" Department at the Eiffage Travaux Publics Research Centre (Corbas / France) and has led several studies on biobased products (polymers, binders, additives) and bituminous compounds.
He is also the President of the technical commission of the French mastic asphalt association (Office des Asphaltes).