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New chemicals from vegetable oils

Tuesday 21 October 2014, by Fabien DEBAUD, Jack GRUSHCOW, Jean-François Rous, Marco PECCHIARI, Stefano FACCO

Chairman: Jean-François ROUS, Directeur Innovation, GROUPE AVRIL

-  Development of camelina as a high value petroleum substitute in the production of polymers and lubricants – Jack GRUSHCOW, CEO and Founder, LINNAEUS PLANT SCIENCES INC.
-  OLERIS® 2-OCTANOL: a plant-based product with promising future – Fabien DEBAUD, Specialty Polyamides R&D Director, ARKEMA
-  Matrìca: an integrated biorefinery for new innovative and sustainable chemicals - Marco PECCHIARI Business development Manager, MATRICA SPA & Stefano FACCO, New Business Development Director, NOVAMONT
-  Effective biobased innovations for the chemical industry – Kevin BOZEC, Marketing Coordinator, CRODA