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New chemicals from carbohydrate

Tuesday 21 October 2014, by Emmanuel PETIOT, Joop GROEN, Marcel LUBBEN, Muriel DEWILDE, Wim SOETAERT

Chairman: Wim SOETAERT, Professor industrial biotechnology, Director of Centre of Expertise for Industrial Biotechnology and Biocatalysis (, Ghent University, Faculty of BioScience Engineering

-  Biorizon is scaling up technology for biobased aromatics - Joop GROEN, Senior Manager New Business Development, TNO
-  Novel biocatalysts for the production of glycosides - Muriel DEWILDE, Business development manager, BIO BASE EUROPE PILOT PLANT
-  A novel host strain for industrial production of innovative bio-based molecules - Emmanuel PETIOT, CEO, DEINOVE
-  Enabling accelerated market growth for bio-based succinic acid - Marcel LUBBEN, President, REVERDIA