The Biobased Solutions International Conference & Business Meetings
22-24 September 2021

Co-organised by

Infopro Digital

Lignocellulosic processes from pilot to flagship

Chairman: Christophe Luguel, International Affairs Manager, IAR

- Industrialization of Plant based chemistry’s Innovation: the French panorama, Christophe Luguel, International Affairs Manager, IAR
-  The optimized bio-refinery: optimal leveraging of all the componenets of the biomass to provide the bioeconomy with intermediates matching cost and quality requirements – Gilles AMSALLEM, CEO, BIOMÉTHODES
-  BIOLIGNIN™: the key element of lignocellulosic biorefining – Michel DELMAS, founder and scientific advisor, CIMV, Professor, UNIVERSITY OF TOULOUSE
-  Futurol technology: simple and integrated cellulosic ethanol production technology – Frédéric MARTEL, General Manager, PROCETHOL 2G
-  Valorisation of lignocellulosic biomass: liquefaction process in supercritical organic solvents – Nadine ESSAYEM, Directeur de Recherche, CNRS

All speakers and subtopics soon available