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Sofiproteol’s technical visit

Tuesday 26 March 2013, by Aïda Amine


COMPANY NAME: Oleon / Novance, Sofiprotéol Group

FACTORY NAME: Sofiprotéol industrial site in Compiègne (Venette)


Sofiprotéol industrial site in Compiègne:
This biorefinery, on a site of 7 hectares, brings together Sofiproteol’s subsidiaries specialised in oilseed processing, from rapeseed to end-users industrial products:
- Saipol is crushing rapeseed to produce vegetable oil and meal,
- Diester Industrie is producing biodiesel and glycerin,
- Novance and Oleon are transforming oils, fats and glycerin into various oleochemical products. The site has developed bio-lubricants, green polyols, coatings and other innovative products based on renewable raw materials.
The renewable molecules that are developed in Compiègne combine technological performance, safety-of-use and eco-friendly standards for industrial applications and end consumers.
Novance and Oleon offer a wide range of renewable products which can be used as alternatives to conventional petroleum-based products: food ingredients, solvents, emulsifiers, plasticisers, resins, lubricants, surfactants, chemical intermediates…

Sofiprotéol’s oilseed biorefinery near Compiègne (north of Paris) brings together the group’s subsidiaries specialised in oilseed processing, from rapeseeds to end products : meals for feed and oils derivatives for renewable energy and chemistry.
Oleon and Novance have increased their R&D effort and have setup their main R&D team on this industrial site, to develop value added products bio-sourced from vegetable oils.