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Arkema’s technical visit

Tuesday 26 March 2013, by Aïda Amine



FACTORY NAME: ARKEMA Cerdato R&D center in Serquigny (Eure)


After a presentation of Arkema and Cerdato by the director, visitors will discover 3 representative research facilities: powder coating, polymer processing (injection-molding, blow-molding, blowing blown and films or tube extrusion) and polymers analysis.

France’s leading chemicals producer, Arkema is aiming to become one of the global leaders in specialty chemicals. With its 14,000 employees and 85 industrial sites in 45 countries, Arkema has a revenue of €6.4 billion.
Worldwide expert in specialty chemicals, Arkema create an innovative chemistry specialized in :
- high performance materials (Specialty polyamides, Fluoropolymers, Functional additives),
- industrial specialties (Thiochemicals, Fluorochemicals, PMMA, Hydrogen peroxide)
- coating solutions (Acrylics, Coating resins, Photocure resins, Rheology additives)

Cerdato is one of the 10 research and development centers of Arkema in the world. Cerdato is dedicated to development and innovation in the field of engineering polymers.
Located in Serquigny in Normandy (Eure), approximately 100 miles West of Paris, Cerdato takes an active part in Arkema’s innovation together with European, American and Asian partners.
Listening to markets like sport, photovoltaic, eyewear, cosmetic, automotive, off-shore oil production or packaging, the Cerdato tailors innovative performance materials more resilient, durable and light, often for metal or glass replacement.

A large share of its activity is also allocated to technical support for Arkema’s customers and to the improvement of polymers and monomers manufacturing processes.

Thanks to a longstanding experience in the use of plant-based raw materials, particularly castor oil chemistry, Cerdato continues to enrich the range of high-value-added performance polyamides Rilsan® and Pebax® Rnew, designed for technical applications.